It's a Perfect Time To Be On the Golf Course

North Myrtle Beach condominiums - RIt’s time to make those summer reservations for our North Myrtle Beach condominiums if you haven’t done so yet. The best rentals get scooped up pretty fast so don’t put it off any longer! We have specials running all of the time on our North Myrtle Beach condominiums. Be sure to watch our website for last minute deals.

There’s still time to escape to the beach for a longer term off-season rental. With one month of off-season rates still in effect you can get a sweet deal on some choice North Myrtle Beach condominiums for you and your family or friends. Consider it a jump on the summer season or an escape from the northern winters – either way, it’s a special treat you can give yourself and your family.

Come golf on over 110 championship golf courses in the Grand Strand area where some of the finest golfing can be had in the springtime. Not too hot and not too cold, it’s just right for getting your swing back after a long winter of low-activity. The courses are still wide open but hurry because northern golfers are coming out of hibernation and migrating south to the courses. The longer you wait, the more crowded they’re likely to be, so call now and come soon! We’ll be waiting to hear from you.

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